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Some lumps of coal in your holiday stockings – the LA Kings upcoming game against the Arizona Coyotes has been postponed.

This is the third Kings game this week that has been postponed due to ongoing concerns amid the COVID-19 pandemic and the couple of variants in circulation. Along with the matchups with the Oilers and Golden Knights, Monday’s game against the Coyotes will be made up at a later date.

Here is the official statement from the NHL Media site:

NEW YORK (Dec. 24, 2021) – The National Hockey League announced today that its regular-season schedule will not resume prior to Tuesday, Dec. 28. The League had planned to resume its schedule on Dec. 27, but in order to allow the League an adequate opportunity to analyze League-wide testing results and to assess Clubs’ readiness to play, the target date for resumption of game play will be pushed back an additional day. Teams will return to practice on Dec. 26 and it is expected that the League will provide an update on its return to play plans by the end of day on Sunday.

With the Olympics no longer in play for NHL players, the three week break will be heavily utilized for makeup games around the league. Of course, others will have to battle shared venues with other professional sports teams but as long these postponements aren’t prolonged, the Kings should be able to makeup these three games with little trouble.

Per the NHL’s official statement, further details on the league’s return to play plan will be released on Sunday. Hopefully, we receive some positive news on this. For now, though, the Kings next game will come at home – the newly rebranded Arena – against Vegas on Tuesday.

2 thoughts on “LA Kings’ game in Arizona on Monday has also been postponed

  1. This whole thing stinks on ice… politicians in US and Canada have people running scared over what is now a flu. I’m over it… I’m getting the booster shot Monday then leave me alone. Let’s get on with our normal lives or go after the perpetrators of this craziness. Merry Christmas Happy Boxing Day and Happy New Year.!!!

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