2 thoughts on “Byfield, Turcotte recalled, Sparks fly, Wolanin’s first goal, and other LA Kings Bullets

  1. Thanks for all the quotes! Sparks looked surprisingly good during the preseason, but I guess it really wasn’t so surprising!

    QB, Turcotte, and Fagemo are the future. Wouldn’t be surprising that depending on how they look in practice, some might stay – particularly QB. But “Lizotte on waivers”’has been put to bed for the time being! He is looking good!

    1. Of course! Thanks for reading! I was so happy for Garret last night, especially after hearing more about his story.

      I’d like to see the trio of Byfield/Turcotte/Fagemo get a look. You are right, though, Lizotte cannot be taken out of the lineup the way he is playing right now.

      There are other players who are a non-factor right now, though.

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