3 thoughts on “What is the standard to be a King?

  1. I’m not convinced that you know better than Blake. This seemed more like a rant than an analysis. If Clague can’t make one of the worst teams in the league, he is probably going nowhere. If Blake couldn’t make some kind of deal before putting him on waivers, what does that say about his talent. Even Montreal was content to let the teams in front of them claim Clague. All Kings fans are frustrated that the rebuild is not going faster, but I doubt that Clague lost on waivers is an indicator of deep problems.

  2. O think your assessment is a bit harsh. Clague has had a few stints with the Kings and really didn’t seem that he had a future with the Kings. A glut of D men on the left side not enough on the right. The Kings feel comfortable with the addition of Durzi and the re-acquisition of Wolanin to the Reign roster… maybe they could’ve tried to trade him but, for what, a piece that has no chance to make the team. Ollie Maatta adds a veteran presence which, for the kids, is a good situation. I wish Kale well in Montreal.

  3. Awesome & necessary shot across the bow!
    Matta, who has been consistently the worst D-man the kings have iced, (statistically proven) has continually been given ice time over others who have out played him. Calling out a GM who loses a 23 yr old asset for nothing when sending Matta down would have enabled the team to keep them both is beyond a head scratcher, (even if you didn’t plan to resign Clauge in the off season) screams incompetence, & places another weighty debit onto the scales of this irriteration of Kings management!
    Additionally, it begs further examination of these other questionable moves, the current dismal play of the parent club, & the regression of some of thier highest draft picks!
    It also sucks to be a fan of a team who continually shoots themselves in the foot while supplying ample ammunition to remain a laughing stock of a franchise. Maybe, just maybe, this move will be a blessing for Clauge as we Kings fans once again watch a former player have success on another team! Color me formally disgusted!

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