4 thoughts on “Three things that stood out in LA Kings’ 3-2 loss vs Calgary

  1. I like Cal, but at some point he needs to start winning some games. When Quick first took over, he wasn’t winning any games either. But Cal is older, and it’s time to start.

  2. Totally agree RE: Petersen!
    The way Kings are currently constructed they are a 2-1 team & have to rely on their goaltending & defense to keep them in games. So far this season Petersen is/has allowed @ least (1) one soft goal per game all of which have ended up in losses. The Lucic goal last night was just another example of his technique being off as he come across the crease, no paddle down & the 5 hole wide open for business. Even Milan looked suprised his underwhelming soft shot went in.

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