2 thoughts on “LA Kings: Speaking with Former Manchester Monarchs Coach Mark Morris

  1. Just wanted to drop another note of πŸ‘to Mr. Cowley & the rest of ya’ll @ HR.
    Those Manchester Monarchs years of development for the Kings have not really been written about nor discussed.
    (@ least on any site that I’ve seen or read)
    It seems like daily your creating new, creative content, during the darkest days of every hockey fans year (August) that is refreshing & setting Hockey Royalty apart from other Kings blogs, pods, & the standard fair interviews.
    It takes hard work, creativity, & relationships you’ve obviously curated over the years to deliver a story I didn’t even know I was missing but found very intresting while leaving me wishing to hear more stories from the annals of Mark Morris, HC of the Monarchs!
    Unfortunately however, I’m sure JQ, Muzz, Jazz Hands, D King, Trevor Lewis, Kyle Clifford, Nolan & Voynov & the rest of those future Kings playing on those teams would rather not have those… idiosyncrasies(?) πŸ˜– broadcast outside of thier old locker room!

    Just a great read, thank you!


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