Robitaille discusses LA Kings future.

Photo Credit: LA Kings PR

The President of the LA Kings, Luc Robitaille, recently joined “The Point” on SiriusXM NHL Network Radio. Here is some of what he had to say.

“That’s our goal, everything we’ve been doing for the last few years, being ultra patient and accumulating great young players and young assets and so forth to build our team and to give us a chance to win the Cup in the future, but the only way you really learn to play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs is you have to play in the playoffs, so that’s our goal is to get in there.”

This was a very telling response from LA Kings President Luc Robitaille when asked by host Dave McCarthy if the Kings could be a playoff team this season.

With that quote, Robitaille confirmed that the Kings are no longer content to be a lottery team and instead are focused on emerging from the rebuild and becoming a Stanley Cup contender once again.

This has to be music to many LA Kings fans’ ears, as it has been a rough past few seasons while the team slowly rebuilt what was once a championship squad.

Robitaille also recognized the importance of making the playoffs sooner rather than later, not only from the standpoint of the team as a whole but also for the development of their young players by saying, “If you end up losing but playing a round or two, your young players will learn really what it takes to sacrifice to go further in the future too.”

With the recent free agent and trade acquisitions along with the hopeful emergence of some of the Kings massive stockpile of young talent, it looks like Luc Robitaille, Rob Blake, Todd McClellan, and company expect winning to become the norm for the Kings once again.

You can listen to the full interview below.

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